Friday, December 2, 2011

A Palm Beach Story, Millions Not Required -

Frugal Traveler: A Palm Beach Story, Millions Not Required
Published: November 29, 2011
The author golfed, rented wheels, shopped for fine clothes and sunned on private sands in Palm Beach — all for well under $200 a day.
Click title for link to article. This is a portion that mentions Lake Worth:
My take on the "riff-raff" reference is that it is tongue-in-cheek and more of a slam at the elite-ness of Palm Beach than putting down Lake Worth.  Enter our District #4 Commissioner, world traveler and in constant defense of all things Lake Worth.  She used the opportunity to send this e-mail.  While I am not on her "select" e-mail list, I have already had it forwarded to me a couple of times by others who think the same as me.  She also uses it to push for her "Marketing Manager" position:

By her pointing this out, it makes it seem like we have more of an issue with "riff-raff" than we do.  If you look around at various definitions, the most common meaning of "riff-raff" is common people or a crowd.  In relation to Palm Beach, I would say that the Bennie's crowd consists of common people - like me and you.  Please Suzanne, use caution when approaching a keyboard.