Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lake Worth's firing of Stanton is a bad thing, done badly

From their cozy paneled corner offices, far removed from the realities we face on a daily basis, comes this from the PBP editorial board. Next time, if we want your opinion, we'll ask for it. Too bad my bird cage already has a clean liner. Click title for link if you are interested in what the know-it-alls have to say.  The comments are always more interesting then their opinion anyway.  And they even mention the press release, spoon fed article on the casino building progress appearing in their paper juxtaposed with the story on the City Manager's firing as some sort of proof of their point.  Sheesh!  Tell us more about that "renovation" project.  And tell us all about the importance of public input to this administration that was about to dump PBSO until the Great Uprising put a stop to that.  That, more than anything, sealed the fate of Ms. Stanton as a former City Manager.