Friday, December 23, 2011

Gift from the City of Lake Worth

What makes up your utility bill.


Santa's Elf said...

Greta start. Now lets see a breakdown on the taxes - the percentage, order applied and who benefits.

Weetha Peebull said...

Why is the cost KWH/GAL varied?

Incentive to use less?

Flat line the cost
Per Gallon

I'm tellin' ya Wes I wasn't joking when I was describing these "Incentives".

Better question is how to Incentivize Government to Spend Less!

Mary Lindsey said...

Fun with Arithmetic:
Total LW budget = $172,000,000
Minus ad valorem taxes ($4,500,000) =

Wes, Ya think maybe a great big ole chunk of that is what makes up our utility bills! :)

Weetha Peebull said...

OMG Mary I didn't see it like that till you actually wrote it out like that - Thanks!

If the city doesn't educate us on the electric before the new power purchase would you take a stab at it? I really get what you say in simple terms!