Tuesday, December 6, 2011

[CPNA] Year End Campus Life Newsletter and Meeting Reminder

It's that time Neighbors and the latest edition of the College Park Neighborhood Association Newsletter "Campus Life" is hot off the press. If you can help distribute copies (it's only one sheet of paper) to your block and maybe one more, please reply to this email and I'll get them to you in a big hurry.

Also a reminder (the first of many you will receive this week) that we are holding our 4th quarter meeting next Monday at 6:30 at our usual meeting place, the First Congregational Church at 1415 North K Street.

Steve Haughn from the City Recreation Dept. will be our guest speaker and will share with us all the new and exciting recreational programs and opportunities we can look forward to next year.

We will also be holding our election for our Association Board of Directors for 2012. All of our Officers and one of our 3 Directors have offered their names in nomination to continue their service next year and we will be taking nominations from the membership for the two open Director spots as well any nominations for all the Board positions.

Please Please Please carefully consider this opportunity to step up and help make a positive difference in our Community. Serving on the CP Board of Directors does takes time and commitment but the satisfaction of seeing the difference we can make by working together is simply priceless. We have so many talented and generous people in College Park and I hope to see many hands go up when nominations are called for Monday night.

As always, everyone is welcome at all College Park meetings, but you must be a resident of College Park and a member in good standing (dues paid) to vote. If you haven't paid your dues yet for 2011, you can do that very easily by visiting our website www.collegeparklakeworth.com and clicking on the PayPal link.

See you Monday and do let me know asap if you can help distribute Newsletters.

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Mary Lindsey said...

Wes, Thank you for publishing this. If anyone IS available to help distribute the CP newsletter door to door, please email me at marylindsey33460@gmail.com or give a call at 602-8874.

And Wes, Best of Luck with your presentation tonight at Parrot Cove. They are in for such a treat!