Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Casino Construction Pics from 10/29

These were included in the latest City Manager's Report.  I took note of this introduction offered by Ms. Stanton:
The first item that caught my eye is the use of the term "bi-weekly."  If you Google it, you will find that technically it means every two weeks and that the term "semi-weekly" refers to meetings that happen twice weekly.  I would hope they are meeting more than twice a month on this project - it would be nice to know more definitively what the meeting schedule is, but we have become numb to ambiguity around here.  What is not ambiguous is that the OIG is having their staff attend these regular meetings.  I am sure discussion about whether the seawall meets code standards so that the NEW building does not need to be built on pilings is not on the agenda.

Here are the photos: