Thursday, October 27, 2011

Transcript of Mayor Rachel Waterman's "Lovers and Haters" Speech

"Vote for me on November 8th and together we will transform Lake Worth's potential into reality.  I believe this election is not a choice between cavers and pavers, but a choice between lovers and haters.  I love Lake Worth.  The people that are going to vote for me love Lake Worth too.  We love our public beach and our waterfront.  We love our downtown business district which is now at 90 percent occupancy.  We love our neighborhoods and our small town charm.  We love the Playhouse and the Stonezek Theater.  We love the Street Painting Festival.  The Cultural Council will soon be opening its doors and LULA is coming soon and I am getting ready to love that too.  I love Lake Worth because it is unique, special and dare I say funky.  I am proud of Lake Worth because of the diversity of our city and it is a microcosm of the future of our country.  And I believe that we can lead the way, showing everyone how diverse communities can live together and prosper.  We will move beyond divisiveness and I am committed to use all of my talents and passions to get us there.  Please vote for me, Rachel Waterman on November 8th."  Mayor Rachel Waterman, Closing Statement, NAPC LW Playhouse Debate, 10/24/11


Anonymous said...

What kind of professional, educated person uses the term 'hater' in a public forum? Imagine Obama calling Bush a hater, or Merkel calling the EU haters for not supporting Greece, they would lose all credibility in the civilized world... Here is whats next, 'talk to da hand, you dont own me, oh no you didn't,' and more childish nitwit ed and cliche outbursts...


Mark A. Parrilla said...

People wondered why I supported Tom Rammiccio. People who voted for this train wreck waterman deserve exactly what they got...NOTHING!

Hopefully among her legacy of being the worst Mayor this City has seen we can add the shortest lived term on November 8th, 2011.

Lover not a hater who won't vote to re-elect the present imitation of a Mayor,
Mark A. Parrilla

Anonymous said...

But Mark that is not true, we got assessments, higher taxes, thrown out of meetings, looked down upon as if we were the help, and got eyes rolled at us. Lest we forget, seeing as I am also NOT voting for Waterman, we got labeled Haters.

P.S. We also got to see the Mayor act like a spoiled child, not attending the debates, because the are picking on me.