Thursday, September 22, 2011

Urban Arts Lofts

These pictures were part of the "cursory" review of the artist loft project presented to the Planning and Zoning Board last night by the CRA.  These units are to be funded by the NSP2 grant - which specifically includes the provision for artist lofts/affordable housing as part of the cultural renaissance program - now called LULA.  Not doing this could jeopardize the entire grant since it was one of the reasons the CRA was awared the $23 million grant for neighborhood stabilization.  Click here for more information on the artist loft project.  Click here for a link to the Lake Worth CRA NSP reports/webpage.  The CRA needs to spend half of the grant money by Feburary 2012 - or the difference between what has been spent and that 50% amount would be taken back by the federal government.

See chart below for summary to date.  There is a general concern that the city is not moving fast enough in turning some of its surplus properties over to the program.
I am going over my notes from the meeting last night and will have more to add soon about what transpired.