Friday, June 3, 2011

Lake Worth CRA names arts program LULA

The Lake Worth Community Redevelopment Agency is pleased to announce an important next step in creating an Arts Program. LULA Lake Worth Arts was voted the name for the Arts program formally known as the Cultural Renaissance Program. With the letters LU standing for Lucerne Ave. and LA for Lake Ave., LULA is a perfect fit. Lake Worth is known for its unique downtown and large artistic community. The goal of this program is to support existing local artists, encourage cooperation and build synergy in the arts community. Palm Beach County Cultural Council will be moving to downtown Lake Worth fall 2011.This partnership will add to the concerted effort of the arts community and will create a very unique arts destination. Lake Worth is fortunate in that it is known to be a community with an abundant interest and support for the arts. Through LULA, Lake Worth will soon be the cultural mecca for Palm Beach County.


P.M.M. said...

This is wonderful news and it only took about a year to hammer that one out. What is the next step and will I still be in business or alive for that matter when it is voted on?

Karri said...


First of all before this matter is voted on, we will have to listen to lengthy presentations about nothing and that have NOTHING to do with our town.

That will be followed by HOURS of discussion about some trivial matter that shouldn't be a concern to us at all.

At that point, we will authorize a study and pay a firm for the predetermined outcome that "the best commission ever" has decided on. Let’s not forget about the cost of all the staff hours that went into their recommendations.

Karri said...

Then we will wait months and months and months for the report to come in. By that time, the information is no longer applicable to the situation.

SO, we refuse to pay the company for the study. They sue us. Our stellar negotiating team waits until the 11th hour, (they've forgotten about it because of all the other lawsuits the city is involved in) and then scrambles to find and pay some overpriced law firm OVERTIME to quickly come up with ANYTHING so the administration doesn’t look to have ignored “THIS COMPLICATION”.

Time goes on and now all the attorneys have paid for their children’s and grandchildren’s college educations and graduate schools. AND bought each of them Maseratis.

The cities' crack law team has no idea what to make of the situation and is so lost in the myriad of suits against the city; they barely know which end is up.

Karri said...

NOW, let’s say this does somehow get resolved, the lawsuit is settled – of course we have no money to pay for it, but when has that ever stopped us. The project starts moving forward. Everyone sighs with relief. But WAIT, Muffy’s dog Barfy wasn’t consulted.

HOLD EVERYTHING! All work is stopped and the process grinds to a halt. Muffy and Barfy DEMAND another study. The fact that they are less than 5% of the population and that EVERYTIME the topic was brought up in a commission meeting during public comment; the other citizens were in favor of moving forward.

Care to stick around for another round? Me neither.

Well folks that is what our progressive commission and city manager call progress.