Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Obituary: Former Palm Beach County commissioner Dennis Koehler dies at 69

This is truly sad. Dennis and I would bump into each other from time to time at various public meetings throughout Palm Beach County. He always represented his clients, usually related to planning or zoning issues when I saw him, with vim and vigor that few could match. There were a handful of times that he brought cases before the Planning and Zoning Board here in Lake Worth during my time on that board. He always presented the facts in a logical manner and there were times that we agreed to disagree, but he would never hold a grudge if a decision went counter to his clients' interest. His County Commissioner term preceded my arrival in Palm Beach County by a few years, but I imagine that he took his representation of the public and the responsibility that came along with that very seriously. The irony here is that someone used to dealing with details was, in the end, undone by a detail left unchecked. Good-bye Dennis - I am sorry you had to go through so much pain towards the end.