Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just got back from the new Publix!

It was a bit of a madhouse today, justifiably so with it being the day of the Grand Opening.  I didn't get much - just grabbed a sushi lunch and some soda and left quickly.  The store seemed bigger inside than the one at City Place.  Wouldn't you know, Laurence and Dee McNamara were among those shopping while I was there.  I complimented Dee on wearing the perfect outfit for an opening of any kind.  She wore a sun dress with a black and white foliage print and a straw "Palm Beach" hat with a black band.  Natty gurl!  Should have snapped a picture of her, but I did get some of the general environs outside.
"J" Street between 2nd Ave. North and Lucerne was parked full.  There were people taking surveys as people walked by.  One of the questions that I heard was "Where would you go for a dentist?  I am not sure who was taking the survey, but it definitely seemed market-related and I wonder if the CRA is or has thought of doing something like this.  Not sure you would get an accurate assessment on an opening day of anything.  Interesting.  Click here for a merchant survey used in the city that I used to work for - way back when - in Michigan.  It's fairly extensive. 
 This is the vacant lot that once was owned by the city and then by Les Evans.  The Planning Board approved a nice Art Moderne residential building there that had parking in a courtyard area.  The deal fell apart with the real estate market crash and a lawsuit by Ron Exline.  Now, during large events in the downtown, it is used as an open parking area.  It was parked about half full when I was there around 11 today.  I have no idea if the owner of the property will allow this to continue.  The picture below is the same area.
 I do think that this is unusual due to the Grand Opening and we will be able to better judge the parking situation once the novelty wears off a little.
 Not a parking space to be found in the parking lot.  Some did ride their bikes there, motorized and otherwise - see below.
If someone can give an update on the status of the "one-way" condition of 2nd Avenue North and when the rest of the street will go "two-way" please use the comment feature.  It is currently "two-way" only between J Street and Dixie Hwy.