Monday, February 28, 2011

Budget cuts: Environmental programs at risk of losing state and federal funding -

Click title for link to Orlando Sentinel article. Twenty-five percent budget cuts for the water management districts proposed - South Florida Water Management District heads the list. The Department of Community Affairs goes from $779 million to $110 million - will there be anyone left? Will there be a pull-back in responsibilities too with an amended Growth Management law?

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Jack said...

While I always thought the Growth Management System in Fl needed an overhaul, I didn't realize that Home Rule would become the law of the land so quickly. I just hope we are up to it.
I believe putting the NA's in the system is as important as adequately staffing the P&Z.
Reinstating the $7,600 Municode and updating it would serve as a good foundation.
It would be nice if we had some more P&Z Board members who knew how to read a drawing and understand the consequences of LDR's