Monday, January 10, 2011

Lake Worth plans to raze historic shuffleboard courts, build park

Click title for link to PBP article. When was this item ever on a City Commission agenda? Was the Planning and Zoning Board ever consulted? Here is what the city's Code of Oridnances says about the role of the Planning and Zoning Board: Duties and authority.
The duties and authority of the city planning and zoning board shall be primarily to suggest plans for the arrangement of the city with reference to its general improvement, growth demands, and the extension, improvement and changes in public utilities and city works; also with reference to transportation, streets, alleys, sidewalks, highways, waterfronts, seawalls, docks, wharves, public buildings, parks, playgrounds, city-owned property, and other such matters as may be of a municipal nature or lawfully under municipal jurisdiction. However, the duties and authority of the city planning and zoning board shall not include any matter which is the responsibility of one (1) or more other city boards, unless the city commission specifically refers such matter to the planning and zoning board for recommendation. The city planning and zoning board shall be designated the local planning agency, pursuant to chapter 163, Florida Statutes. The planning and zoning board shall review and recommend to the city commission on all changes to the comprehensive plan and zoning ordinance.Any plans proposed by the city planning and zoning board shall be submitted to the city commission and may be submitted to the electors of the city, either by the city commission or under the initiative provisions of the city Charter, and, if adopted, shall be followed by the municipality and its officers in the permanent improvement and development of the city until modified or amended at some subsequent election. Plans and suggestions of the city planning and zoning board which are not submitted to the electors of the city shall be considered by the city commission and be approved, modified or rejected.
Are we at a point now where public input is so discouraged that elected and appointed officials rule by DECREE? We have been shown how to create a new "task force" - aka an appointed board - by DECREE. Is this what democracy has become in Lake Worth? Can anyone show me when this item appeared on a City Commission agenda when they could actually vote on it? It can't be at a work session.  What about all the money the city spent on upgrades to the restrooms, the roof, the parking lot, etc.?