Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Links for more information re Sub-Regional Sewer Fund Issue

January 5, 2010 City Commission Meeting - SunTrust Covenant violation

December 11, 2009 City Manager's Report - 

December 8, 2009 City Commission Work Session -

Refer to July 20, 2010 City Commission Agenda re Rampell & Rampell accounting report. - Item 11A

Comment left by Anonymous under previous post:

I went because of your posting. What I took away was that the City of Lake Worth is owed over 
$13,000.000 Thirteen million dollars
from neighboring municipalities. Moneys not collected due past mistakes in billing. 
Apparently they, the municipalities have kept making payments and the funds are in in escrow. ??
the choice now is mediation or litigation. 
All but one municipality made an appearance last night and said they are willing to come to the table and settle this once and for all. 
City Mgr. made herself available to redress this matter before statue of limitation makes collecting a moot point. 
A comment by the Mayor was that Utilities Mgr is out (vacation?) so deadline would come and go.
Hellooo $13.000.000 at stake
What would I do. Spend $3.000 get the guy back from where ever he is, be it Timbukto or Europe get him back to the table asap. or forfeit collections owed to city of Lake Worth. 
Utilities Mgr is not worth his weight in salt If the city looses this, because HE is unavailable.

ED note: Utility Director is Rebecca Mattey, P.E.