Sunday, July 25, 2010

During the travels of our Commissioners Jennings and Mulvehill...

Let's hope they didn't forget about the plight Lake Worth faces related to at-risk youth and the effects of concentrated poverty on a city already overwhelmed on many levels.

In case you missed it, the Lake Worth 33460 zip code is in last place among other Palm Beach County cities according to the above factors as compiled by the Palm Beach County Children's Services Council.  This chart was included in the City Manager's 2010-2011 budget transmittal letter.

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Chris said...

At least Commissioners Jennings, Mulvehill and Golden are consistently frauds and failures. The RO plant will be costly to operate because of its high electric use and expensive to maintain because the brackish water it uses will be hell on filters. Our “We are Three” Commissioners keep saying that there is more to fighting gangs and crime and that efforts to give alternatives and education are required----however they allowed the City Manager to eradicate the Marketing Person and Marketing Budget for the Parks and Recreation Department AS WELL AS not initiating a single education program. The Illegal Alien Day Labor Center resulted from their self proclaimed championing of the welfare of our illegal aliens---too bad the illegal aliens didn’t trust our Commission Cabal so it was forced to close because they no longer qualified for the Grants that gave salaries to the administrators.

Now we see a graphic representation as to why families don’t want to live in Lake Worth. It seems that our Sanctuary City and underutilized recreation facilities is just fine for slum landlords and people who prey on people who are afraid to use our Sheriff’s protection.

Boy am I glad we have a Sister City program to teach us how to be a tourist attraction. It is hoped that we don’t close the Golf Course the way we did the Beach. Also, I’m sure all the protests over any Plan to open our largest Hotel will not deter any investment in increasing our 30 available hotel rooms for the tourists.