Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Citizens customers may be fraud victims | citizens, fraud, service - Top Story - WPEC 12 West Palm Beach

This "fraud"(that you can read about by clicking title) is not on the part of Citizens, but why does a WIND ONLY policy through them require an electric system in an insured house that isn't more than 35 years old, but property/casualty insurance doesn't? WIND ONLY means something, no?

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Anonymous said...

But our government always protects BIG business here in the USA, them and their lobbyist that give tons of money to politicians for re-elections. Enough is enough of all of this and taking advantage of the poor common man. American citizens almost have no rights or anyone protecting them or looking out for them, our leaders, government, and politicians seems to always lean on the side of big business and them taking advantage of us. Too much corruption from politicians and big business. We need to just always vote our politicians, never vote for incumbents. I am so over big business controlling our government and world, they are in charge.