Thursday, August 6, 2009

How safe is our downtown Post Office from closure?

Click title for link to complete, current list. Right now, it appears that only the "Lantana Branch" is listed - but is anyone making sure that ours will not be a victim to closure? Hello?

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Spice said...

Wes, you are such a silly man.

Didn't you hear Cara tell us about the VIBRANT downtown that we already have--didn't you hear that we are built out and that the children need more playground space and this is what we should do instead of building something that a dreaded developer might be involved in---why do you think something as unimportant as MAIL would be a consideration, much less something this Commission would spend time on?

No, Joann is more concerned about attracting canoe builders and eco tourism than providing basic goods and services.

Cara and JoAnn, they know what the people want in the way of goods and services