Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Question regarding CRA appointments...

Wes. Are any of the current CRA members to remain on the board? I'm frightend of who this progressive commission will appoint. We'll have more community gardens than we can handle.

My answer:

Unfortunately, due to inattention from previous administrations, the staggered terms originally designed into the CRA membership structure - generally allowing for no more than two (2) members' terms expiring in anyone year - don't exist any longer. There are a total of six (6) terms that are up for reappointment this time and the only existing member's term that is not expiring is Ms. Ross'. This has been long-standing situation as there was another appointment en masse a few years ago.

They - city attorney's and city manager's office - are looking to determine what it should be as of today, but I have not heard their findings yet. The best those members that want to stay on is to re-apply. According to State Statute, a CRA must have staggered terms - this according to our board attorney. Given the make-up of the current City Commission, this may be result in an abrupt change if not corrected.

It's unfortunate since the current assemblage, in my opinion, works well together and we are doing some great things. In other words, the chemistry is good. You might want to contact your favorite Commissioner or the Mayor and let them know how you feel about this situation.

The deadline for applications is May 29th.