Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Idea for Park of Commerce?

This came over a "Florida American Planning Association Listserv" yesterday.

Does anyone know of a different methodology to promote and or fund redevelopment in an Industrial Park other then through a CRA or Enterprise Zone? Any words of advice or things to know if the area were to be designated an Enterprise Zone?

The City of Coral Springs is in the process of amending our IRD District zoning for this very purpose. Basically, we are promoting redevelopment in the Park by expanding some of the allowable uses to include service-based commercial uses along the perimeter of our Park. We are also moving some conditional uses to permitted uses. Finally, we have incorporated a LEED-based incentive into the Code that gives the development community the option developing a LEED Silver building in exchange for reductions in setbacks and landscaping. During the site plan review process we will determine the level of LEED credits that are being achieved by the design of the site and building. If it can be verified through this process (and our LEED consultant) that the building is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, it will qualify for the reductions in setbacks and landscaping.