Friday, April 3, 2009

Delray Beach Ocean Outfall Closed - Message from Palm Beach County Reef Rescue

We have not had time to update our website, but I wanted to share this new underwater video of the Delray Beach ocean outfall going offline with you. Captain Craig donated his time and dive boat Starfish to take us and reporters out in 8 foot seas to witness first hand the shutting down of the infamous sewer pipe.

We just posted the video on YouTube at:

On April 1, the Delray Beach ocean outfall stopped pumping inadequately treated sewage into the ocean from a pipe that has spewed millions of gallons a day of pollutants into the ocean for more than 40 years. Closing the valves on the plant that treats wastewater for Delray Beach and Boynton Beach ends years of wrangling among environmentalists, politicians and regulators over damage to nearby reefs.

The Delray Beach outfall is one of six in South Florida that pump more than 300 million gallons of minimally treated sewage offshore every day. The campaign to shut down the outfalls began in 2003, when Reef Rescue divers witnessed algae killing the reefs around the outfall.

Palm Beach Post Article:

Delray Beach to stop dumping wastewater in ocean

CBS news

Join us this Saturday, April 4 at the Sandoway House Environmental Center to celebrate.

Click here for information and directions.

Palm Beach County Reef Rescue

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brian bluff said...

Wow - Unbelievable. That video is incredible. I would never have believed that in 2009, something this harmful to the Delray Beach, FL environment could take place. Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

Tool Using Animal said...

Just wanted to thank you all for your hard work, Good Job!

Unknown said...

That such great news for our beaches and the reefs! We think green everyday by pressure cleaning with hot water, eliminating the use of chemicals and chlorine. We seek to improve these standards today, tomorrow and the next. Visit our website.
Special thanks to all that have invested so much of their valuable time to make this happen! Ray Cabral