Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trash Pick-up in Lake Worth: "This week was next week last week."

Here it is Sunday afternoon and there are still vegetation piles and green cans dotting the neighborhood streets. Few people can figure out what I refer to the "Ouiji Board" Waste Collection Calendar. New Year's week was to be household pick-up on Friday here - which never happened. So, people left out their household goods out during during week that just passed. Those items were picked up yesterday. Others, thinking that it was vegetation week, set out the green stuff on Friday. No one came. A friend of mine who lives south of me, but east of Dixie and north of downtown, said that yesterday someone from the city came around looking at his vegetation pile he had out yesterday. He was told that it was put out a week early and that he had 24 hours to pick it up - or he would be fined. Within the hour, a truck came by and picked up the same vegeation.

Can someone please introduce the right hand to the left? Can someone please put together a coherent schedule and get the message out?