Thursday, December 11, 2008

View of "New" Casino Building

This is what was presented to the City Commission last night at the special meeting. Total estimated cost $10,000,000 - building only. Much more later. Lots of questions needing answers.

Trying to keep an open mind.

Here is a brief clip from the meeting. The Mayor is difficult to hear - no fault of the recording equipment.

The Mayor is musing about whether the City can just give the contract to Straticon and what the bidding requirements are. At the end of this clip, he is approached by someone who responded to the RFP two years ago. It made me realize that if the City doesn't follow the CCNA rules (State law regulating procurement of professional services) - we could also face legal claims from those that were excluded from submitting a proposal. By the end of the discussion - after Commissioner Mulvehill complained about being bound by rules and procedures - they acted to follow legal procurement processes - but only after Mr. Baldwin reminded them that laws should be followed. Mr. Karns (City Attorney) was little help.