Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Progress on the Pool

Sources tell me that all the major systems are in (heaters, chlorination and new Marcite) and, as you can see, the pool deck is about 65% finished. The water is still adjusting to the chlorine and I understand that more is being added. I will have to admit that I was a skeptic, but I think they will make the April 30th deadline and retain the grant money.

These pictures were taken on Monday, April 21st.

This the area (S/E) that remains to be completed, along with the finer work along the edge of the
deck and the pool coping..

Kiddie Pool area.

Below is the budget for the pool work as performed by Greater Bay. This one dates from the first City Commission meeting in February. There may have been an update at the first meeting in April, but the back-up is not available on line.

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