Monday, March 17, 2008

Alert from Florida Cultural Alliance

Senate Bill - SB 610
DATE of Bill Review: Wednesday, 3/19/08, from 9:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

COMMITTEE: Senate Education Pre-K-12 Committee

DEADLINE for Your Action: Please ACT BEFORE 4:00 PM on Tuesday, 3/18/08.

VOTE OUTCOME we want: Encourage Senators Bullard and Deutch to vote AGAINST
SB 610.

This bill, if passed by 2008 Legislature, would require all school board
districts to mandate 225 minutes of physical education (PE) each week for
all students in grades 6-8, without providing an additional period or
funding to implement this requirement. Electives, such as theatre, music,
art, dance, as well as other electives, will be eliminated or drastically
limited in schools with 6-period days to make time to meet this PE mandate.
Senators Larcenia Bullard and Ted Deutch represent parts of Palm Beach
County and serve on the
Senate Education Pre-K-12Committee. Tallahassee telephone numbers and e-mail
addresses are listed below.

Who do I CALL and E-MAIL?
Please call AND e-mail the Senators¹ Tallahassee offices. You will probably
not get them directly when you call, but leave a message with one of their
Senator Larcenia J. Bullard
Tallahassee Phone: (850) 487-5127
Legislative Assistants: Jennifer Alexandre, Linda Dallas
Administrative Assistants: Merdochey LeFrance, Ryan Hawkins

Senator Ted Deutch
Tallahassee Phone: (850)487-5091
Administrative Assistants: Tara Lyn Laxer, Joshua Sztorc, Casey Kustin

Suggested MESSAGE: Copy, paste, and personalize this suggested message in
your e-mail and phone call to the Senators. Be brief, to the point, and

My name is______ and I live in Palm Beach County. I encourage you to please
OPPOSE SB 610 when it comes before the Senate Education Pre-K-12 committee
this Wednesday.

This bill, if passed, will have serious unintended consequences if
additional time (an extra period in the day); certified PE teachers; and
substantial financial resources are not allocated to properly and fairly
implement it.

Fine arts courses, as well as other important electives, that creatively
engage students in learning, encourage them to stay in school, and prepare
them for higher education will be eliminated or drastically limited if SB
610 passes.

Please OPPOSE SB 610. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Suggested Topics for Subject Box: Select one below; copy and paste it in
your e-mail subject box.

Please OPPOSE SB 610
Please VOTE NO on SB 610
SB 610 ‹Too Many Unintended Consequences!

House COMPANION bill? Yes, HB 757 ‹to date, no action taken on HB 757. We'll
keep you posted.
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