Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Truth Matters Returns Tonight @ 8 p.m.

Join me and Greg Vannier as we host another Truth Matters show. Click here for the live feed of the show. You can also find it on the Utalk.com homepage. Questions and comments for and about the topics we will be covering can be found on the Utalk.com message board.

It'll be nice to get back on the area and review the many things that have gone on in our community since the last show back in November.

Things I thought about discussing: the idea of the day laborer center on the shuffleboard court property, the status of the Sunset law suit, the economic conditions generally and the economic condition of our downtown specifically, valet parking in the downtown and a whole bunch of loose ends that no one seems to care about (beach, casino building structural report, 431 N. L Street, crime, etc.)

Hope you can make it!