Friday, December 21, 2007

Time to Catch Up

I haven't had a lot of extra time to post here for a while, but that is changing now as the week winds down. You might have noticed a little "widget" on the right hand side of the page. It's a cool gizmo that does a couple of things.

One is that it shows the world in "real time" - that is it shows which areas of the earth are experiencing day and night. At night, the white areas are reflected light from urban areas around the globe. This is important since you might gain the perception here in Lake Worth that we are somehow the only urbanized area on the planet and a dense one at that! Just a little reminder that we do share this globe with 6.6 billion other human beings.

Another thing that it does is that it shows where you happen to be when you log on to the site. For example, if you happened to be on vacation in Madagascar, and were lucky enough to find an Internet connection, a little red beacon would show off the southeast coast of Africa. When you left the site, a little yellow dot would remain showing that someone visited from that area. That dot is left for others to see as they visit the site.

Regarding the yellow dots, those are where the "hits" to this blog have come from since plugging in this widget last Friday. The size of the dot reflects the number of hits from that area of the planet. There are a lot of different ways that Internet access is routed so there is some "rounding error" as to the exact location of the computer being used to access this site and where it is recorded, but it still gives a general overview and indication of where traffic is coming from.

Finally, by clicking on the widget itself, you can bring up a larger, zoomed in picture of the world map. Make sure you disable your pop-up blocker for this site if you want to try this. There you can "mouse over" the various yellow dots and see the name of the area from where people have accessed the site. You can also click to see a list of current visitors and another for historical visitors - at least their locations.

Hope you have fun with this and it always is good to remind ourselves of the larger world around us.

Future post forecast: Eco-density, the Mayor removing himself from voting on FMPA matters, Commissioner Golden's "canned" presentation at this week's City Commission meeting and an update on Hammon Park. And, if there is a time when you are hungering for material on Lake Worth, remember that there are over 450 posts on this site dating back to May of 2006. You can use the search function - a popular one happens to be "sunset" - I wonder why? (not really). You can also peruse the posts by category or review posts by month. I am planning on doing something "BIG" to celebrate the 500th post on here - if you have any ideas, let me know.

Again, thanks for visiting and Happy Holidays!!