Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sad News...

This was an e-mail sent around the City today about the condition of "Martin the Mailman". Anyone who has attended a City meeting would probably recognize him. He is a fixture here and his route happens to be in the downtown area.

Let's all wish him a quick recovery from a serious affliction.

Hello to the Lake Worth Community,

You may not be aware that our dear “Martin the Mailman” has been in the ICU at JFK Medical Center since last Friday. He experienced a severe stroke on Thursday and is still unconscious. We do not know whether he can hear us. Hopefully over the next few days this will be determined.

Get well cards would be wonderful, as visitors can read the cards to him. If he can hear and comprehend, I'm sure he will be encouraged by everyone's love.

You can send cards to:

John Martin Saarnio

MSICU Room 2018

JFK Medical Center

5301 South Congress Blvd.

Atlantis, FL 33462

JFK information: (561) 548-3710

Martin's girlfriend and Lake Worth brother have been visiting. His other brother is arriving from the midwest this weekend.

Please pass this on to anybody who knows him.

I'm sure that Martin would appreciate our prayers.


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