Monday, December 10, 2007

Lake Worth Democratic Club - 35th Anniversary Gala

I attended this event last Tuesday at the Golf Course Clubhouse. While there, I was able to take some pictures of the event, but my flash wasn't doing what it was supposed to do - FLASH! As a result, I didn't get any really good shots of the presenters or elected officials as they were addressing the crowd in attendance. The timing competed with the Lake Worth City Commission, but many familiar commission meeting attendee faces could be seen.

Harvey Millstein led off the evening and was followed by Dave Aronberg, Shelly Vana and Mary Brandenburg who all made appearances before the group. Ric Bradshaw, who could not attend due to the ceremonies surrounding the deaths of two sheriff deputies, Bill Graham and Rodney Romano were recognized as "native sons" of Lake Worth - all of whom have gone on to serve their community in numerous capacities and continue to do so.

It really served as a good kick-off for the 2008 election year and all the possibilities in store for the future of our Nation.

Good job Lake Worth Dems! You can check out the club's website by clicking here.

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