Thursday, June 7, 2007

We have us a Traffic Jam! Tenemos un Lio de Transito!

And not the kind that we see on I-95. This one is in my mind. There is getting to be a real log jam of things to write about. I should have some time over the weekend to address these. Here is a quick list of some up-coming posts. I am doing this partly so that I can keep them straight in my mind and so none slip through the cracks, but mostly to inform you of up-coming attractions
  • Retrospective on the Gulfstream Hotel approval process. If you listened to my Truth Matters show on Lake Worth Talk last Sunday you learned about how the project evolved over time and I provided examples of what the project looked like in January of 2006. If you want to check out the graphics and renderings, you can go to my TalkBlog on Lake Worth You can access that by clicking on the link on the right side of this page.
  • Pictures, story and commentary from the Master Pump Station ribbon cutting ceremony and facility tour. I know, not quite CNN material, but interesting as it applies to our relationships with other municipalities and that pesky Mock Roo$, our engineering firm that's been with us since the Eisenhower administration. I do have a link to their website that is pretty exhaustive in describing the facility. Wonder who paid for that?
  • Tuesday night's City Commission meeting and discussion of the Beach and Casino land use designation and zoning district. Commissioner Jennings was kind enough to e-mail me her PowerPoint presentation and other background materials that she used during her discussion. I'll include some of the graphics from that presentation. So if you were unable to attend the meeting, you'll be able to get the gist of where she was coming from. The good news - they all passed - but where was our attorney Alan Ciklin and where was anyone from Greater Bay?
  • Tuesday night's City Commission and Commissioner Golden's item regarding reconsideration of the Compass lease. I'll talk about public comments and we'll reacquaint ourselves with the Golden Rule.
  • Grand opening of the Lake Worth Promenade. I stayed long enough at the event to grab some promotional materials, see some folks and talk with the leasing agent, Ryan Dinsdale, until I was called away on a business matter. I'd like to go back there tomorrow with my camera and get a walk through with him. This is a pioneer Class A office building in Lake Worth and has great significance to our position in the Palm Beach County real estate marketplace.
  • News about a national conference coming to South Florida in late October and early November which will feature a day trip to our fair city. We are identified in their conference literature as the "City of Lake Worth... a progressive community in central Palm Beach County". You won't want to miss this one. And, no, I am not telling you what it's about here - you'll have to wait for the entire post.
  • Status of our Master Plan process. The Planning and Zoning Board met last night and went over a draft set of revisions to our Comprehensive Plan. This will be work-shopped on June 27. We will also start getting our draft land development regulations (zoning code) and I'll have some information on that too.
  • And, finally, we missed the first anniversary of this blog - so I will talk about some of the highlights and the lowlights of this past year.
So, you can see there is no lack of topics to cover. I will talk about a lot of these topics on my Truth Matters show Sunday from 8 to 9 p.m. Lake Worth

Also, the two previous posts were quickies - one from the Palm Beach County ERM website regarding the sediment management project for the C-51 canal and one from the Palm Beach County government website regarding the courthouse restoration project on-going in West Palm Beach. Hope you find them informative.

Now, it's off to karaoke at the Mad Hatter! See you later.

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