Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Results from Last Night's Commission meeting...

After much discussion, the City Commission decided to enter into a lease agreement with Compass for use of the soon-to-be former Senior Center. Vespo, Clemens and Golden voted in favor of the lease. Commissioner Golden seemed to talk around the issue a lot, but ended up voting in favor of it.

In response to Commissioner Jennings' suggestion that Compass pay more money because they have the resources to do it (Message to Commissioner Jennings - more money from Compass to the City would take away money that Compass uses to serve those in need of services), Commissioner Golden threw out the idea that instead of $1,000 a year, why don't we ask for a $1,000 a month. (Note to Commissioner Golden - Your employer, the Lake Worth Community Development Corporation enjoys a $1 a year lease of a City property, including a building. How about those financials Jo Ann?) This from a Commissioner that talked about the importance of process and playing on an even playing field.

Democracy requires constant vigilance.

At least, the Commission made the right decision and Compass can move forward with their plans. Thank you Compass for deciding to relocate to the City of Lake Worth!