Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beach and Casino Land Use Designation - Response from the State of Florida

This past week, the City received the following response from the State of Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) regarding the creation of the Beach and Casino Future Land Use District and Future Land Use Plan amendment. I plan to discuss it during Truth Matters and will also post it there on the Truth Matters blog on Lake Worth You can use the link immediately to the right of this post to get you there. I am finishing up posting items for tonight's show - the first in what should be a series of shows on comprehensive planning and zoning in the City of Lake Worth.

The show runs from 8 to 9 p.m. on Lake Worth

If you are unable to click on the images to make them larger - you can either use your zoom - if you have IE 7 or another browser with zoom capability - or you can e-mail and I can foward them to you.

It's my understanding that the response to this letter will be presented at the May 2, 2007 Planning and Zoning Board meeting. The City Commission will consider the item upon recommendation from the Planning and Zoning Board

Here are the documents from DCA: