Saturday, February 17, 2007

Fun at the Lake Worth Beach Green Market

We braved the brisk weather this morning and headed down to the Lake Worth Green Market. It was fairly well attended today. Broward and Roger, friends from the Mad Hatter joined me. I thought it would be nice to share pictures with you. I picked up some great goat cheese - from a Turtle Creek farm. They have about 110 goats out in Loxahatchee - wonder if he'd let me take Mars and Venus out there so they could renew their herding instincts?
Picked up a sour dough bagette and along with some half sour pickles which became my lunch. I bumped into some nice people while there, including Peter who is the organizer of the event and other supporters of my campaign. What a nice way to enjoy a Saturday morning at our beach park.

"Political advertisement paid for and approved by Wes Blackman for Commissioner – District #3"