Friday, February 22, 2019

The day after Street Painting Festival and more important events next week.

Worth noting: Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein and Mr. Ben Kerr, PIO, have very important information for the press and news media, visitors, tourists, residents and the business community: Please click on this link.

Now moving on to next week.

Next Monday, the day after the Street Painting Festival is another candidate forum at The Beach Club bistro. It will be sponsored by the Bryant Park Neighborhood Association.

Then next Tuesday is Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address at the Lake Worth Beach and Casino Complex.

More political events will follow at City Hall throughout the week including a public discussion on how to use proceeds from 2019–2020 Community Development Block Grant funds. Please stay tuned!

And also, a very rare thing happened recently.

Upcoming on March 12th are the municipal elections in the City of Lake Worth for Districts 2 and 4. It’s Cathy Turk vs. the incumbent Omari Hardy in District 2 and in District 4 it’s a crowded field: the candidates are Messrs. Tom Copeland, Richard Guercio, William Joseph vs. the incumbent Herman Robinson.

Mr. Copeland did a very rare thing.

He actually gave me credit for the videos I took at the Lake Worth Playhouse late last January. That is a very gracious and rare thing to do.

So in kind take a look at Tom Copeland’s campaign website for the issues he is campaigning on.

I’ve been taking these videos at the Playhouse for a very long time.

How long?

In the video below is FOREVER-moderator John Paxman (stage left; in light-colored suit jacket), then-Mayor René Varela (sitting), former Commissioner Dave Vespo (at mic), and candidate Susanne Mulvehill on the stage back in 2008. . .

With a cameo by Cara Jennings on stage right. . .

Sitting and waiting her turn, Cara is not outraged at the moment but wondering, “Dammit! Who is calling me an Anarchist now!”