Saturday, February 16, 2019

Lake Worth City Commission: Please! It’s time to stop grasping at plastic straws and aim higher with new ideas.

Why? Because before long we’re going to have a lot of plates spinning in the air and banning plastic straws is just another distraction we don’t need.

Let’s pause momentarily, we’ll get back to “grasping at plastic straws” a little later in this blog post.

Whilst on the topic of distractions. . .


There is very good and very bad news to report.

The good news is this City of Lake Worth only has two Commission meetings prior to election day on March 12th: they are next Tuesday (Feb. 19th, 6:00) and on March 5th. The issue of banning plastic straws IS NOT on the Feb. 19th agenda! So keep your fingers crossed we can make it past March 5th without any more additional distractions.

The one distraction at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting next week is enough. Following the agenda item about Flolfie it looks to be a very business-like meeting at City Hall.

The very bad news is the City of Delray Beach may want to consider un-banning plastic straws. You see, it ends up Delray has a much bigger issue to address: the annual nuisance flooding has gotten to the point where it must be addressed. It’s not a ‘nuisance’ any more.

Palm Beach Post reporter Lulu Ramadan (see link below) reported this flooding problem is “unbelievably large”. Like to the tune of three hundred and seventy-eight million dollars. As in USD 378M. As in an astronomical amount of dollars. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that future technology could find a way to re-purpose recyclables in addition to “[I]ncluding seeking grants from the state or federal government or issuing bonds that tax dollars would pay back over time.” An unbelievably large problem like this will need solutions not even possible yet, like re-purposing plastic straws.

Also below is news in the Sun Sentinel about this issue in Delray Beach.

Now let’s get back to the Lake Worth City Commission: Please. Stop grasping at plastic straws!

Very good and very important things are happening in this City of Lake Worth. The Downtown may very well get a new parking garage, the Neighborhood Road Bond is as popular as ever, and we have very hard decisions to make about proceeds from the County’s ¢1 sales tax increase that passed by referendum in 2016 and crime is down significantly and a whole lot of other good news too.

To our elected leaders. When you asked the people to speak the people did. In Nov. 2016 by a whopping sixty-nine percent the people said to focus your efforts on our streets and infrastructure. 

And there is potentially some very good news about the Gulfstream Hotel too!

See the newspaper clipping below from this week’s Lake Worth Herald.

So this is no time for our elected leaders to be quibbling about a ban on plastic straws. Banning plastic straws is just a silly cliché any more anyway. And just because Delray did it does that mean the City of Lake Worth has to do it too? Why can’t this City come up with a better way to show our respect for Planet Earth than the trite act of banning the lowly plastic straw? Why not aim higher?

What this City of Lake Worth should do is support our LOCAL economy in Palm Beach County, promote something truly sustainable, will actually help to save the environment and educate the public too about the importance of reducing the use of plastic in our City.

How? By promoting the use of Tellus Products produced right here in Palm Beach County!

And FYI: No one is talking about plastic straws in Delray Beach any more. It seems there is a much bigger problem now. Like finding out how to come up with $378M which was news last Tuesday in the Sun Sentinel. Reporter Lois K. Solomon first broke this news in the Sentinel and yesterday (Feb. 15th) the Palm Beach Post provided some additional information as well. Here is more information from Lulu Ramadan:

Petrolia [Mayor Shelly Petrolia] said Frankel [Congresswoman Lois Frankel (D)] wants to review Delray Beach’s report to see how she can help the many coastal towns in her Palm Beach County district. Giving her an early look at Delray’s could better position the city for federal funding, Petrolia said.

In conclusion, are you ready for some very good news from the City of Lake Worth? Well, here it is:

This City of Lake Worth needs to focus on our infrastructure and preparing for future development.

Forget about plastic straws and focus more
on all those spinning plates!

From the front page of The Lake Worth Herald. Before long our City may have a ‘lot more on our plate’ so to speak and these are the kind of plates we need to be promoting in this City.