Monday, February 4, 2019

A prediction on this blog about banning plastic straws in L-Dub became true!

On January 21st, two weeks ago, posted information about upcoming Lake Worth City Commission meetings on the blog, here is an excerpt:

There are only three more scheduled regular meetings of the City Commission prior to the elections on March 12th. . . . Those dates are February 5th and the 19th and on March 5th.

So if anyone is planning to ‘stir things up’ so to speak with talk about PEACE, a plastic straw ban or a ban on balloons you don’t have much time left. But what you can do is bring a canteen to City Hall to show you are down with the cause of banning plastic water bottles. But not a metal canteen. Bring a plastic one. And please, water only.

You won’t believe this!

Guess what is on the City Commission
agenda tomorrow at City Hall?

Here it is, Item 12A:

AGENDA DATE: February 5, 2019 – Regular Meeting.

DEPARTMENT: City Commission.

EXECUTIVE BRIEF TITLE: Discussion regarding eliminating single use plastics including straws and bags. This issue is bring brought forward by Vice Mayor Amoroso, Vice Mayor Pro Tem Maxwell and Commissioner Hardy.

SUMMARY: Discussion to review what other cities have done in the best interest of the public health, safety and welfare of its residents and visitors to reduce litter and pollutants on the land and in the waters of the City.

And thankfully, in the background information is this line for consideration by the City Commission,

Encouraging the use of alternatives such as paper products in lieu of prohibitions are possible.

Please note the wording above, “Encouraging the use of alternatives. . .”.

Isn’t one of the stated goals of the Lake Worth City Commission: “To Educate and Not Legislate”?

What a novel idea! Or would you prefer fines and threatening to send people to jail like what happened several years ago?

Encouraging the use of paper products is very appropriate. That is what the Town of Jupiter did.

But beyond plastic straws in Palm Beach County is the much bigger question, “Do you really need another flimsy tote or pen?” Really. To change public behavior when it comes to plastics how much will banning plastic straws even accomplish in the long run except create a minor inconvenience now and then?

Very important: If you do show up at the Lake Worth City Commission meeting next Tuesday evening please do not bring plastic bottles of water or straws either, of course. Please use a plastic canteen instead and fill with water only. Metal canteens are strictly prohibited at public meetings.

Hopefully the City Commission will follow the Rules of Order and limit this discussion to thirty (30) minutes and then send this item to a work session to be scheduled after the municipal elections on March 12th.

The last thing we need is another distraction.

To make your voice heard on Item 12A next Tuesday — and keeping to the Rules of Order at the City Commission meetings — click on this link to contact the City Commission.

And very important: Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address is on February 26th, 6:00, at the Lake Worth Casino & Beach Complex.

Election Day is on March 12th:

Up for re-election this year are District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy (to left of Mayor Triolo) and District 4 Commissioner Herman C. Robinson (to right of mayor). And of note, elected leaders on the City Commission now serve three-year terms.