Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Guatemalan child killed in trailer park. Case remains unsolved.

The hit and run killing of a 21-month-old child on New Year’s Eve was front page news, above the fold in The Palm Beach Post.

But the wrong location was given.

And to make things worse, no correction was ever issued by the editor(s). No contact information was supplied by the Post for who to contact at law enforcement with tips. And no reference was made to Crime Stoppers for anonymous tips from the public.

Is anyone surprised this case remains unsolved?

Had the Post reported this deadly hit and run accurately could that have made a difference and maybe solved this terrible crime?

This crime DID NOT happen in the Town of Lantana. This incident occurred out west in unincorporated Palm Beach County near Congress Ave. and Lantana Rd. But after the news published in the Post how many in the public came to believe this crime occurred within the municipal limits of Lantana?

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The lead news published in the print edition under the banner “REAL NEWS STARTS HERE” was a terribly sad story about a child being struck and killed and the driver did not stop. Reporter Pat Beall wrote the story but an editor is responsible for verifying the facts prior to publication. And one of the most important pieces of information is the location.

By the way, the mobile home community where this deadly hit and run occurred on New Year’s Eve is the very same mobile home park where Nicolas Cruz lived briefly. And as reported accurately in that news last year by former Post reporter Alexandra Seltzer it was headlined, “Alleged Parkland shooter left suburban Lantana home over gun dispute”.

Note the words “suburban Lantana” by Alexandra Seltzer. The word suburban means outside the border of a municipality which goes a long way in educating the public which is supposed to be the mission of journalism.

For the public, understanding exactly where this incident occurred may have provided that one tip to solve this crime. To read that top news story from two weeks ago click on this link. And no. The story still has not been corrected.

What needs to be corrected: The crime scene IS NOT “in Lantana” as reported.

The crime scene is in unincorporated Palm Beach County (see map below) south of the PBC Park Airport (aka, ‘Lantana Airport’). The nearest municipality is the City of Atlantis just to the north. The actual Town of Lantana is east of this location.

Also not included in that story was any contact information about who to reach at law enforcement with tips and information (this area is patrolled by PBSO). And also not reported is any reference to Crime Stoppers either for anonymous tips:

No arrests have been made in the hit and run killing of 21-month-old Jonnhy Ramirez. If you have any information you can stay anonymous.

Call 800-458-8477 and collect a reward for helping solve this crime.

How long did it take to discover the error in The Palm Beach Post?

About two minutes. How?

The mobile home community called Lantana Cascade is located less than one mile south of the City of Atlantis (south of Lantana Rd.) on the west side of S. Congress Ave.

Click on map to enlarge.

Lantana Cascade is not in this image; however, one can see where the Town of Lantana is located (shaded red). The City of Atlantis (shaded yellow) is north of the mobile home community called Lantana Cascade.

Were you or someone you know in the area of the hit and run killing on New Year’s Eve around 8:30? Do you have a tip? Then contact Crime Stoppers (800-458-8477) or PBSO immediately (561-688-3000).

It is very easy to verify and/or clarify if a press or news media story is accurate — or not — when reporting about any location in Palm Beach County

It’s called the Geo Nav mapping tool (link to site below) from the PBC Property Appraiser’s Office.

For example see another map below. Just by clicking on the “County Parks” tab (explained below) the County’s John Prince Park shows up as light green. Use the municipal parks tab and every park within a municipality will appear. Click on the “Municipalities” tab and each municipality shows up a different shade of color.

The areas not shaded? Those are unincorporated areas in Palm Beach County such as suburban Lake Worth. John Prince Park (site of recent plane crash) and the PBC Park Airport are both in unincorporated PBC.

Click on image below to enlarge.

See the legend in the top left?
Go to the Geo Nav mapping tool and click on
“Layers” tab (far left) and explore the tools.

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