Thursday, January 31, 2019

A blog post from yesterday. . .

Last Tuesday there was business news published in print edition of The Palm Beach Post:

Big News for
Small Business Owners.

Did you catch the news by business journalist Jeff Ostrowski in the paper the other day?

Would guess you probably did not. It was not a feature story in the Business Section by any means. But more about that later.

If the business community in this City is of importance to you then please continue reading.

A few members of the Lake Worth Business Committee, a recent meeting at TooJay’s.

And stay tuned for an event to be held at the
Lake Worth Beach and Casino Complex.

And much thanks to reporter Jeff Ostrowski for making the case for business chambers of commerce and being “Better Together” with neighboring municipalities and suburban neighbors too.

And of note if you have a business in this six square mile City and you have an issue, before you call a beat reporter at the Post or your contact at CBS12 (WPEC), please call Lynn first. The phone number, email, and more contact information is at the end of this blog post today.

As to the news published in the Post this week by long-time business reporter Jeff Ostrowski?

The timing couldn’t possibly have been better.

The news published by GateHouse Media in the Post is of utmost importance to the City and to our business community as well. The news was about one of the County’s smallest chambers of commerce that is merging with one of the largest. In a word, this is significant.

The fact that the City of Lake Worth was not mentioned one single time in the business news by Ostrowski does nothing at all to lessen the importance of what was reported. If anything, it should spur you to action, especially if you are a Realtor or an investor or even a potential developer.

To become stronger our City’s business community needs to be “Better Together” with our neighbors like the Town of Lantana. The traditional small town chamber of commerce is a thing of the past, unfortunate but true, as you will learn more about below.

Later in this blog post today is information about the Lake Worth Business Committee which has partnered with the Greater Lantana Chamber of Commerce. This business news has never been reported in The Palm Beach Post. Not even in the story this week by Ostrowski. Going back, has this news ever made the forever-weekly and tongue-in-cheek Lake Worth Very Very Special Monday Collector Print Edition (LWVVSMCPE)?

No. The only real reason for the Post to continue on with the LWVVSMCPE any more is as a distraction, to draw attention away from all the great things happening nearby in Greenacres and in Lantana too.

But the news this week about Boynton Beach and Boca Raton may have caught your eye last Tuesday. Or maybe not. The news by Ostrowski was buried on p. B7 below the fold near the gutter, what some refer to as the fold betwixt verso and recto, or the left side page and the right side page which together is called the spread.

Why is this important? Because it’s no mistake where news appears in a newspaper. Above the fold is what the editor(s) deem more important and below the fold much less so. From p. A2 going forward the eyes drift left to right on the spread and then to the next spread and the next.

Next time you pick up an actual print newspaper you can judge for yourself the priorities of your local or regional newspaper just by viewing each and every spread. Don’t bother with all the content. Just see where that content is on the spread.

The last news item on the pp. B6–B7 spread was an AP story about the “social media giant” Facebook. So if you were in a hurry you probably didn’t pay much attention to the headline,

“Boca Raton, Boynton Beach chambers of commerce merge”

The headline above was near the gutter below the fold.

Along with the story by Ostrowski was a photo of Mr. Troy McLellan who is president and CEO of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. But being a small business owner in the City of Lake Worth you say to yourself, “OK. That’s Boca. So what?”

Well here’s what’s what. Two excerpts from the news by Ostrowski:

The Greater Boynton Beach Chamber of Commerce said this week that it is now part of the Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce. The Boynton Beach group reported $202,000 in annual revenue, compared to $1.7 million in receipts for the Boca Chamber.

The Boca Chamber said the merger gives Boynton business owners access to a broader array of professional development courses.

“They just don’t have the resources to deliver what we can in Boca,” Boca Chamber President Troy McLellan said. “Their leadership said, ‘What’s our next step? What can we do?’”

To smooth the transition, McLellan said, Jonathan Porges, the chief executive of the Boynton Chamber, will stay on. The Boca Chamber also will keep the Boynton Chamber’s office space through the end of the year.

After the combination — which mirrors a national trend of consolidation among chambers of commerce — the Boca Chamber now has 1,700 members.

Ostrowski reports there are now five major business chambers in Palm Beach County: Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce, Greater Boca Raton, Greater Delray Beach, Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, and Central Palm Beach County.

And in the article by Ostrowski is this line:

There are smaller chambers of commerce in Palm Beach and Wellington.

To read the entire article by Ostrowski in the online edition please click on this link.

And remember, “worth noting” in this business news in the Post there is no mention of the City of Lake Worth or the Town of Lantana either.

And that folks is what
needs to change.

To become a force, to become “Worth Noting”, the Town of Lantana and this City of Lake Worth — and everywhere else in this coastal region of Central Palm Beach County — the business community needs to get more involved and more active.

How? Become a member of the Greater Lantana Chamber of Commerce. Just one of the benefits are community events.

For example. . .

Worth Noting: Plans are in the works by the Lake Worth Business Committee to host a candidate forum in the ballroom at the Lake Worth Casino and Beach Complex prior to the municipal elections in the City of Lake Worth on March 12th.

The date and time has yet to be announced.
So please stay tuned.

When that information becomes available will post it in the top of the right-hand column of this blog.

Small businesses are encouraged to learn more about the Lake Worth Business Committee of the Greater Lantana Chamber of Commerce.

We’re excited to become a part of a well-known and respected business Chamber located in the Town of Lantana representing nearby municipalities and suburban areas in the LOCAL region here in Central Palm Beach County.

Why is the Lake Worth Business Committee part of the Greater Lantana Chamber?

Creating a new business chamber is a daunting task which can take many months if not years. And even then it may never become a success. For too long this City has been in dire need of a Chamber to represent the business community.

For small business owners in this City of Lake Worth you will meet the members, ask questions, and find out how the Lake Worth Business Committee can help make your voice heard.

Briefly, here is a short sample of new and renewing members:
  • Posh Properties: Jerilyn Walter
  • Kiwanis Club of Lake Worth: Brian Kirsch
  • Street Painting Festival: Nadine Burns
  • The Related Group: J. Nicholas Dusseau
  • Tacos Al Carbon
  • Illustrated Properties: Sally Ott
  • Palm Beach Yacht Center

Contact information is below.

The Lake Worth Business Committee and all the members of the Chamber in nearby municipalities and suburban areas are encouraged and excited to hear about what is happening in this City.

You may be interested to know with an additional $50.00 to your regular membership you can become a member with the Finnish American Chamber of Commerce located in Downtown Lake Worth.

This is important because the extremely popular annual Midnight Sun Festival celebrating our Finnish heritage will be held in Lake Worth’s Bryant Park once again next March. For more information about that click on this link.

Also worth noting the Town of Lantana WILL NOT be holding municipal elections in March. The two incumbents — the honorable councilmen Malcolm Balfour and Dr. Lynn Moorhouse — were both re-elected without opposition.

Congratulations to both of you!

To learn more about the Lake Worth Business Committee please contact Lynn Smith,
the executive director at the Lantana Chamber: 561-585-8664.

The Greater Lantana Chamber is located at 212 Iris Ave. in the Town of Lantana (office is on the east side of S. Dixie Hwy., south of E. Ocean Ave.):

The mission statement of the Lantana Chamber and Lake Worth Business Committee are these two words: “Better Together”.