Friday, January 18, 2019

Come celebrate the Midnight Sun Festival in the City of Lake Worth’s Bryant Park.

Staff writer Sir Eddie Ritz at The Palm Beach Post has this question. . .

Do you have a “petite wife and deep desire to visit Finland?”

Why does Sir Ritz ask that question?
Continue reading to find out.

The Midnight Sun Festival returns to the City of Lake Worth once again on Friday, March 1st–Sunday, March 3rd.

To contact the festival organizing committee, e.g., how to become a sponsor and press inquiries, click on this link or call 561-200-8683.

The big event at the festival is the
“Wife-Carrying Contest”!

Sir Eddie Ritz, one of the top entertainment reporters at The Palm Beach Post writes in last year’s TGIF in the lead-up to the Midnight Sun Festival:

Got a strong back and legs?
     How about a petite wife and deep desire to visit Finland?
     Then lift up that loving ball and chain and go for glory during the Florida Championship Wife-Carrying Contest on Sunday. [emphasis added]
     The winning team will win a trip to Finland at the end of June to represent Florida at World Championships.

To learn more about the Midnight Sun Festival 2019 click on this link.