Sunday, November 11, 2018

The most over-used line in City of Lake Worth politics and political campaigns:

“I decided to run for a seat on the City Commission because the City needs a fresh, new voice.”
—Quote by Mr./Mrs./Ms.
Blah B. Blah.

So where are we? District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy and District 4 Commissioner Herman C. Robinson are both running for re-election. Robinson finally after many months of hemming and hawing finally picked up a challenger last September.

Hardy has drawn a challenger: Cathy Turk filed to run for election last June. To look over the campaign reports thus far click on this link. Whomever is elected will serve a three-year term due to a referendum that passed last year.

Have you been thinking of running for election to the Lake Worth City Commission? Then find out all you need to know by clicking on this link.

The election results from March 2017. Prior to these elections elected officials in the City
served two-year terms.

The “Question” passed by a wide margin last year. This year Mayor Pam Triolo, Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso and Commissioner Scott Maxwell were all re-elected and will serve three-year terms.

On March 12th, 2019, in District 2 either Cathy Turk or Commissioner Omari Hardy will be elected to a three-year term (unless, of course, a “shill” enters the race). And Commissioner Herman C. Robinson or Tom Copland will be elected.

On the topic of elections and ‘new voices’. . .

Cathy Turk is not a “new voice.” She has been involved in community efforts in District 2 for a long time. For example, last year when a Wawa was considering a site on 10th Ave. North and ‘A’ St. and some were running around warning of a government plot or scheme, being “bamboozled” or “shut out” of the process it was Turk who presented the facts.

Turk was vehemently opposed to a Wawa at that location but cautioned everyone that this issue had not even made it to the Planning and Zoning Board (P&Z), just the beginning of a very long process. Denying Wawa the opportunity to go through the process would end up in a costly lawsuit. But in the end Wawa decided on their own to consider another site instead.

By the way, Cathy Turk herself is now a member of the City’s P&Z Board. She joined the P&Z Board well ahead of any decision to run for elected office.

So back on topic. Does our City heading into the municipal elections next March need a “new voice”.

No. This City does not need that kind of ‘fresh’ or ‘new’ voices, those who always seem to pop up at the last minute, e.g., like what Drew Martin did on the very last day of the Qualifying Period last year to get his name on the March 2018 ballot and run for mayor. Mr. Martin isn’t ‘new’ by any means.

Last March candidate Sarah Malega did a whole lot of things right when she began her campaign for the District 1 seat way back in July 2017. But ultimately, Malega lost because she was up against one of the biggest challenges in American politics: an incumbent who had been elected and re-elected multiple times. That is a very big hill to climb no matter how much of a head start one gets.

So if you are considering running for a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission and if you think you can do a better job than commissioners Hardy and Robinson, don’t be just another one of those ‘new’ voices. Be an involved voice and start learning more about this City NOW and start getting involved NOW. Learn the difference between the City and unincorporated areas out west and educate the public. Attend Commission meetings, become a volunteer for a City board, start attending Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) meetings, learn more about the Lake Worth Electric Utility and the City’s Water Utility, get involved with the Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents’ Council (NAPC) and the League of Cities, call up Cpt. Baer and say you’re thinking of running next year and you would like a ride-along with a deputy some day in a neighborhood with crime problems, do some neighborhood cleanups, learn about community gardens, learn more about the role of County Commissioner Dave Kerner and State Rep. David Silvers and where the Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council (TCRPC) fits into all this and. . .

Pretty much do what Messrs. Omari Hardy and Herman C Robinson did to get elected.

And lastly, below is the YouTube video from March 17th, 2017, when then-Messrs. Omari Hardy and Herman C. Robinson were both Sworn In to represent the City of Lake Worth on the City Commission.

Then Messrs. Hardy and Robinson in 2016–2017, now commissioners Hardy and Robinson, “hit the ground running” last year when they were both elected.

They weren’t ‘new voices’ to the community.
Just saying. Enjoy the video: