Monday, August 20, 2018

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Just in case you may have missed this:

The Lake Worth City Commission meets tomorrow at 6:00. And the two reasons why it is a good idea to show up on time: One reason is because there will be a PBSO Update and the other reason is. . .

Drug Overdose Awareness Day
is on August 31st.

Mayor Pam Triolo will do this
difficult presentation.


At the Commission meeting tomorrow (Tuesday, Aug. 21st) shortly after the meeting is called to order you will learn more about crime in this City of Lake Worth (see agenda items below) and find out how many more people died in the last 3–4 months from heroin, opioids, and other illegal and legal drugs as well.

And maybe there will be more information about so-called ‘sober homes’ too and how many more body bags need to ordered for Fire Rescue stations 91 and 93 for our little City. But what you won’t hear talked about tomorrow was a young man named Tyler Etue. His caring family sent him to our City of Lake Worth for help with Tyler’s addiction to drugs.

Mr. Etue is dead.

He was murdered three years ago. He was found in a trash can. The case remains unsolved. If he were alive today he would be just twenty-eight years old. 

Now back to the public meeting tomorrow at City Hall.

Why is acknowledging “Overdose Awareness Day” tomorrow timely and meaningful? And why is showing up at 6:00 a good idea?

Explained: Because earlier this month on August 7th a lot of the public decided to forego the beginning of the City Commission meeting and others were caught by surprise and missed the Casino Complex and Beach presentation by CPZ architects.

Mayor Pam Triolo opened that meeting and proceeded through the agenda “with blazing speed”. If you want to learn more about what happened click on this link for the schemes presented by CPZ Architects and much more information.

The proclamation about “Overdose Awareness” scheduled for the meeting on August 7th was moved to the City Commission meeting tomorrow to give as much time as possible for the public to absorb and understand what is happening at the Beach and Casino Complex. Already it is being suggested by some the Beach will be sold to developers. Completely false and that was one of the topics addressed by the City.

On the agenda tomorrow. Two presentations:

Item 5A: PBSO quarterly presentation by Cpt. Todd Baer [if you wish, after reading this blog post, scroll back up and learn more about the PBSO update on June 9th].

and. . .

Item 5B: Proclamation declaring August 31, 2018 as Overdose Awareness Day.

How we got here: September 26th, 2016 was a very significant day in our City. And for all of Palm Beach County as well. What happened that day shocked the press and the news media. Only two members of the media bothered to show up that day (here is one of them) but everyone all found out shortly thereafter what happened from those two reporters. And then all the press and news media began to report the news about ‘sober homes’, legal and illegal drugs that were killing so many people a top priority.

To read about what happened nearly
two years ago click on this link.

Click on image to enlarge: 

On the very night of the first Clinton/Trump debate some predicted a small crowd at the Scottish Rite for a public meeting about so-called ‘sober homes’.
They were wrong. Why? The big reason is because the month earlier. . .

On August 17th, 2016, at a Lake Worth City Commission meeting, everyone heard loud and clear Mayor Pam Triolo’s proclamation declaring August 31st to be “Overdose Awareness Day”.

Please note that in this City people’s lives are still being destroyed — and others are still dying — due to opioids, heroin and other illegal and legal drugs.

To learn more about International Overdose Awareness Day click on this link:

It also acknowledges the grief felt by families and friends remembering those who have met with death or permanent injury as a result of drug overdose.

Mayor Triolo didn’t hold back in August 2016 (see YouTube video at end of this blog post) following the proclamation “[D]eclaring August 31 as Overdose Awareness Day”.

The video from that meeting is less than 4 minutes. At the 1:50 mark the mayor finishes reading the prepared words, pauses, and then has her thoughts. To say it hits hard is an understatement. I was there taking this video and you could feel the emotion in the room.

Please share this video with your friends, family, and neighbors. Send the video to people up north who may believe they’re sending family members to South Florida for treatment of addictions. It’s not always the case. Many of them will never return home. Or if the do it will be in a body bag.

In September 2016 on this blog wrote,

Maybe Mayor Triolo’s “Proclamation” will save someone’s life some day.

I think in many ways — considering all the hard work by the public and the City of Lake Worth and PBSO as well — the mayor’s wish has come true for many people.

Note the empty seat in the video.

Then-Commissioner Chris McVoy, PhD, was absent for this Commission meeting, an all-too-common sight back then and being late for meetings. On the right (wearing dark jacket) is former Commissioner Ryan Maier who opted not to run for re-election in 2017. Those two seats on the City Commission are now occupied by District 2 Commissioner Omari Hardy and District 4 Commissioner Herman C. Robinson, respectively.

Please share this video.

Once again, at the 1:50 mark following the proclamation, Mayor Triolo shares her thoughts: