Thursday, July 19, 2018

Lantana and Hypoluxo: Important public safety news in The Lake Worth Herald.

Please share this very important news: Our good neighbors to the south, the towns of Lantana
and Hypoluxo, now have Quiet Zones
along the FEC railroad tracks!

Please Note: This week’s Lake Worth Herald is out. Click on this link to see the front page news. One top story this week is about Highland and South Grade elementary schools headlined, “Over Capacity Schools Cause for Alarm”.

School Board member Erica Whitfield is involved and working to find a solution. Stay tuned. This is a developing story.

Now to the news from Lantana and Hypoluxo: Brightline trains, freight train traffic, and train horns.

The Towns of Lantana and Hypoluxo enacted Quiet Zones. A Quiet Zone is a designation that allows train operators to pass through crossings without sounding their horns along the Florida East Coast Railway tracks.
     However, if there is an emergency situation, the train engineer has complete authority to sound the horn. The public should be vigilant near the tracks.
     If you see tracks look both ways for a train. Never cross the tracks when the lights are on nor when the arms are coming down or in the down position.

  Getting this information out to our non-English speaking communities is especially important (Spanish and Creole).

The message always is:
“See Tracks? THINK TRAIN!”

For further information about Railroad Safety in English, Spanish and Creole click on this link.

“¿Ves rieles? ¡PIENSA TREN!”

Below is a very important press release
from the City of Lake Worth.

“Lè w wè ray tren? SONJE TREN AN!”

To become a volunteer for Operation Lifesaver
click on this link.

Press Release from the City of Lake Worth:

Lake Worth, FL — Trains will no longer sound their horns routinely within the City boundaries except in instances where the train engineer deems it necessary due to an emergency or for safety of workers on the tracks. As train horns will no longer sound at crossings it is of utmost importance that everyone stay alert and obey the barriers, warnings, and signals of an approaching train. Trains can approach crossings from both directions within moments! Wait until the red lights stop flashing and the cross arms go up.
     The City reminds everyone it is illegal and highly dangerous to trespass on rail tracks. Train speed and distance is deceptive and without the horn a train is extremely quiet which can lead to tragic and deadly incidents when anyone tries to “beat the train” on foot or in a vehicle. Brightline trains can reach speeds up to 79 mph (127 kph).

Remember: The message is always:

“See Tracks? THINK TRAIN!”