Friday, December 29, 2017

Another excerpt below from writer Rachel Monroe’s piece in the Oxford American titled, “Monkeywrench”.

Below is another look back in the history of Lake Worth politics and elections: “The damnedest things can happen leading up to election day!”

Have you ever read the first segment when the author of “Monkeywrench” wrote, “Later that day I met with Wes Blackman . . .”? Or the one about the EarthFirst! (EF!) “Wes Blackman Memorial Shi■■er”? Almost two years later — for the very first time — some are still happening across the article by Rachel Monroe from back in 2016 and can’t believe this all actually happened here in the City of Lake Worth. But it did.

To read the entire article in the Oxford American by author Rachel Monroe which is quite lengthy, very well written, sometimes gripping, and highly entertaining click on this link.

Many times have been asked questions about Monroe’s piece, incredulously such as “Did this really happen?” or “Is this a fictional short story?”

No. Monroe’s piece is not fiction. Yes, all this did indeed happen in our little City of Lake Worth.

Note that the word ‘musical’ used by EF! in their pamphlet (see below) that was sent to ‘radical spaces’ all over the country in early 2016 imploring them all to come to Lake Worth by carpool, band bus, or train hopping (freighthopping) to participate in a “4-week intensive rehearsal process” and later, that very same pamphlet was plastered all over town about a ‘new musical’ which was code for something else entirely.

You see, that month-long ‘rehearsal process’ in February 2016 just happened to coincide with the March 2016 elections here in our little City. Remember all those protests nearly two years ago now at Lake Worth City Hall and the Cultural Plaza?

So without further ado. . .
Is is Happening!”
Remember the Anarchist (“I’m Chuck Bass”) who ran for a City Commission seat in 2016? The ‘musical’ that worried and frightened many in the public? The article by Rachel Monroe is a look back to those heady days. Two more excerpts:

The first day I showed up for the Earth First! rehearsal in Lake Worth, Florida, a small coastal town thirty-five miles north of Fort Lauderdale, I walked in late to find a dozen tattooed people pretending to be a machine. Tentatively at first and then with increasing enthusiasm, they pantomimed the pulling of levers and the pushing of buttons and other nonsensical but orderly tasks. [emphasis added] 
     “Now the machine speeds up,” instructed Maren, the rosy-cheeked Minnesotan who was codirecting the musical. The imaginary-lever pulling became a little more frantic. “Now it’s breaking down!” Everyone’s movements became strained; a guy in a black hoodie bounced like a deranged spring.
     For the next exercise, Maren had the group make something called a “fear machine,” which involved lots of cowering and pointing. “Okay, now let’s make a deep ecology machine,” she said. For a moment, no one moved.

[and. . .] 

     After a few minutes, Maren ended it. “I was going to say, ‘Now there’s an oil spill,’ and make you play that out,” she said, “but this was going so well.” They could, she decided, invoke the oil spill tomorrow.