Sunday, March 11, 2018

A look back to a particularly ‘spirited’ and quite interesting election here in the City of Lake Worth.

Just in case you may have missed this stroll down memory lane last week,

“[I]n fact, Kevin Thompson lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me. . .”

And. . .

Have you ever read about the Anarchists’ honorary “Wes Blackman Memorial Sh■■■er”?

Below are excerpts from writer Rachel Monroe’s well-written article in the Oxford American titled, “Monkeywrench”. And also continue reading to learn more about that ‘special’ honorary commode bestowed on Yours Truly.

To read the entire article by Rachel Monroe which
is quite lengthy, very well written, and highly
entertaining click on this link.

Two excerpts from the article are below.
Remember the Anarchist (“I’m Chuck Bass”) that ran for a seat on the Lake Worth City Commission? The ‘musical’ that had so many people worried?
The article by Rachel Monroe is a look back
to those heady days.

Bonus! Read about the Anarchi
sts’ honorary
“Wes Blackman Memorial Shitter” in the
second excerpt below:

     “Most people in the room were not Floridians; instead, they lived in fringe towns—Ithaca, Bloomington, Oakland—where the rent was cheap enough that radical politics could flourish. They wore black boots and rode bikes; they all seemed to know each other from protests and actions and summers spent picking blueberries in Maine.
     They were here because, in October 2015, just as the winter chill had started to creep into people’s bones, a flyer began circulating among activists, inviting anyone willing and able to travel to sunny Lake Worth for the month of February ‘to help devise, build, perform and otherwise scheme on’ a musical that celebrated the history and philosophy of the radical environmental group Earth First! (In 2010, Earth First! had moved its publishing operation from Tucson to Lake Worth, making the town the de facto headquarters of the diffuse, controversial organization.) ‘The show will involve audiences writing to political prisoners, cast members repelling [sic] down cardboard redwoods, and seating based on willingness to risk arrest,’ the flyer promised. ‘Hurrah!’ ”

Later, near the end of the article. . .

     “I [writer Rachel Monroe] left Florida early the next morning. When I talked to Donna later, I learned that during the remaining weeks of rehearsal, Wes Blackman doubled down on his angry blog posts; there was no question of inviting him to watch the musical. There’s an Earth First! tradition of naming the toilet in honor of the enemy of the moment, and so at the final performance in late February, the musical’s audience was invited to use the Wes Blackman Memorial Shitter.
     In March, Ryan Hartman lost the election by a 2-to-1 margin.”

To read Ryan Hartman’s concession to District 1 Commissioner Scott Maxwell click on this link. Note that in conceding the election to Commissioner Maxwell there was this very unfortunate line by Mr. Hartman in reference to a beat reporter at The Palm Beach Post:

“[I]n fact, Kevin Thompson lied in two of his articles about trying to contact me. . .”

The election results from March 2016:
And Mr. Hartman added, “Two days before the election, the majority of my ‘team’ dropped me like a bad habit to focus on another challenger. . .”.