Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Worth watching and worth noting: Presentations at LWB City Commission.

The City’s YouTube video is below of the PBSO Community Policing Initiatives Update by Cpt. Todd Baer (District 14–LWB). The presentation lasts ten minutes with five minutes of questions by the electeds including a very interesting back and forth between Vice Mayor Andy Amoroso and Baer about fentanyl and the coordination between the DEA and PBSO.

The video begins with Baer’s takeaways from his recent attendance at the FBI Academy and lessons that will prove helpful in LWB, the surprising stats from the camera program in January–March (all thirty cameras have been installed), the success of license plate readers (fourteen installed; nine others in legal limbo), and the March spike in overdoses which is cause for concern.

Following Baer’s community update is a presentation by Principal Mike Williams with an update on Lake Worth Middle School which begins at the twenty-four minute mark with additional presentations that follow: