Thursday, April 25, 2019

Public meeting tonight, 6:00 at LWB City Hall: “Opportunity Zone Primer”.

The meeting tonight is generating much interest from the public and the business community in the City and beyond.

The information below and much more can be found in the City Hall Annex located at 414 Lake Ave. in downtown Lake Worth Beach. These are photos taken from the agenda posted for the public:

Click on all images to enlarge:

Topic of discussion this evening: “Discussion of Economic Investment Climate and the Opportunity Zone of the City of Lake Worth Beach.”

Here is the actual agenda:

No official action will be taken at
tonight’s Work Session.

The presenter: 

Marcela Camblor-Cutsaimanis is the principal at Marcela Camblor & Associates, Inc.

More information from the agenda:

“Incentives for infill development”

Maps and more backup information:

“Vacant Parcels”

“Census Tract 51.02”

Opportunity Zones in State of Florida:

Once again, the City’s new website is set to launch on June 1st. For the list of upcoming public meetings and more information use this link.