Monday, May 6, 2019

2020 Elections in Palm Beach County.

“Fun Fact: As your County Commissioner, I voluntarily provide direct access to all my sent and received email boxes to the local press corp so that they can monitor and report on my actions with little delay and less wasted effort.”

Quote. District 3 County commissioner and Palm Beach County Vice Mayor Dave Kerner.


You reside in Lake Worth Beach or the nearby suburban metro area. Do you know who represents you on the County Commission? And when are these seats up for election and/or re-election?

So you say, “Who cares? The 2020 elections are a year and a half away!”

Well, the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections is Wendy Sartory Link and she thinks the 2020 elections matter.

Meet your mayor and vice mayor
of Palm Beach County.

The honorable Mayor and District 7 Commissioner Mack Bernard (left) and the honorable Vice Mayor and District 3 Commissioner Dave Kerner:

What is significant about District 3 and District 7? They both represent Lake Worth Beach and nearby areas in suburban Lake Worth as well as Palm Springs, Lantana, Lake Clarke Shores and other municipalities.

Some time next year will provide a detailed map of County Districts 3 and 7. But just briefly if the Lake Worth Beach and Casino Complex is of special interest to you and you disagree strongly with constructing a brand new pool at the beach or think building a new pool is a grand idea then contact County Mayor Mack Bernard. Also in Bernard’s District 7 is Bryant Park and many neighborhoods south along the Intracoastal.

Kerner’s District 3 covers most of Lake Worth Beach, including the Downtown and City Hall and all areas west of I-95 in the City. And the district goes further west into unincorporated areas including John Prince Park and Palm Beach State College and into the Village of Palm Springs as well to the border of District 2 which is represented by County Commissioner Gregg Weiss who was elected for the first time in 2018.

In the endorsement for Dave Kerner in 2016 the Sun Sentinel editorial board wrote:

District 3 includes Lake Worth, Palm Springs and suburban areas west of I-95 south almost to Boynton Beach Boulevard. It is one of the less affluent districts, which means that it needs especially good representation.

Kerner strongly supported the ¢1 County sales tax increase in 2016. His opponent Sean Hogan did not.

Click on image to enlarge:

The image above is from a political mailer prior to the General Election in November 2016.

Moving on.

The mayor of Palm Beach County is chosen by the seven County Commissioners at the first meeting following the General Election in November 2020. Could Kerner become Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner? It is very possible. Bernard became mayor in 2018 succeeding Melissa McKinley in District 6.

To learn more about all the members of the County Commission and what this elected body is tasked with doing click on this link.

Bernard and Kerner, if they receive a Primary challenger or challengers, will be on the ballot next year. Districts 1 and 5 will also be on the ballot, however District 1 Commissioner Hal Valeche and District 5 Commissioner Mary Lou Berger are both term-limited. County commissioners are limited to two (2) four year terms. Elections are staggered and Districts 2, 4, and 6 will be up once again in 2022.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? We just got past the 2018–2019 municipal Election Season. And just around the corner is the 2019–2020 Election Season!

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw just recently entered the race for re-election and in his first campaign treasurer report raised an astronomical percent more than all his challengers combined. Wendy Sartory Link has not entered the race to remain the Supervisor of Elections. Yet. But the public just may demand it. And there is one candidate thus far in both County Commission Districts 5 and 7.

Thus far no one is challenging County commissioners Bernard and Kerner but one can expect more than a few old names to pop up again. Like Drew Martin for example.

The very good news is, much thanks to Mr. Drew Martin, the issue of plastic straws is officially off the table and will not be an issue any longer. On March 16th Mr. Martin had a letter to the editor published in The Palm Beach Post on that very topic. For more about that and much more information click on this link.

Some of you may recall Mr. Martin ran for a seat on the County Commission. He didn’t win in the 2016 Primary against then State House Rep. Dave Kerner who got 69% of the vote. Kerner then went on to clobber his challenger in the General Election getting 70% of the vote. And then Martin ran for mayor of Lake Worth in 2018 and lost to Mayor Pam Triolo who got 73% of the vote. Could Martin pivot once again and run for the District 3 seat on the County Commission? Certainly.

Drew Martin is a voice for the environmental community and he should be commended for entering the fray.

The process for becoming a candidate for a seat on the County Commission is not a complicated one. And if one wishes you could become a candidate by having your supporters sign a petition and the cost is minimal.

So please check back later in the year for more information how to become a candidate.

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