Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Blog post from two weeks ago and still drawing tons of traffic.

Why? Draw your own conclusions.

That blog post was about, “Why Palm Beach County had highest overvote rate in governor’s race”.

UPDATE: The news by Chris Persaud (see below) — as predicted on this blog last week — did indeed make the front page in last Sundays Palm Beach Post. And also on topic is a twisted editorial on the Sunday editorial page, the editorial board wrote, “It was a stunning disappointment.” That would be Susan Buchers decision not to challenge her firing by Gov. DeSantis. Instead she resigned.

After Bucher was fired the editorial board wrote, “She doesn’t deserve this blatantly partisan bum’s rush from a fledgling governor.” The editor(s) told Bucher to fight back. And she did. For about a week or so. But Bucher resigned anyway and the editor(s) are really upset. But they shouldn’t be. Nobody listens to what that editorial board says anyhow following what happened in Nov. 2016. What happened? The Palm Beach Post editorial board made no endorsement for President of the United States. Not kidding.

Now moving on. . .

Below is an excerpt from this latest effort by Mr. Persaud. You may recall it was Persaud who was recently tasked with reporting about the quite complicated situation in Boynton Beach vis-à-vis their municipal elections coming up on March 12th.

Also worth noting it was Persaud who was at the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Office in August 2014 and saw first-hand what Susan Bucher did and did not do. The editor at The Palm Beach Post shortly afterward called it “an offense to democracy.” What role that played in Bucher’s firing is unknown.

And briefly, it was hoped Persaud would be tasked with reporting about the upcoming municipal elections in the City of Lake Worth but, unfortunately, that did not happen. One of the most important factors in the elections for District 2 and 4 will go unreported in tomorrow’s paper: terms for elected officials is now three (3) years.

The fact that terms for elected officials in the City of Lake Worth was raised from two-year terms to three years now is one of the most significant factors for voters to consider and Persaud would most certainly have cited that. The story published in Monday’s print edition of the LWVVSMCPE makes no mention of three year terms. That is an oversight which should have been corrected but that stuff never happens.

Now back to the news by Persaud on the front page today, above the fold.

Here is an excerpt, the first three paragraphs datelined February 1st in the online edition:

Palm Beach County voters selected two or more candidates for governor at a higher rate than any other county in Florida, a Palm Beach Post analysis of election results shows.

While it’s hard to say for sure why county voters made more mistakes in that race, the county’s vote-counting machines — the same machines Gov. Ron DeSantis cited in suspending Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher last month — played a critical role.

About 1 in 130 Palm Beach County voters selected more than one candidate, an overvote that doesn’t count for any candidate, compared to 1 in 370 statewide.

One last thing for everyone interested in City of Lake Worth politics.

The most significant political event heading into the March 12th elections will be Mayor Pam Triolo’s State of the City Address to be held on Tuesday, March 26th, 6:00, in the ballroom at the Lake Worth Casino. Make plans to show up early for a good seat.