Monday, December 3, 2018

The 2019 Palm Beaches Marathon must include the Lake Worth Beach!

Check out this news from journalist Tony Doris published in today’s Palm Beach Post, the very first paragraph in a story headlined, “Marathon weekend a success”:

WEST PALM BEACH — The 2018 Fitteam Palm Beaches Marathon weekend wasn’t about elite runners breaking speed records as they raced through West Palm Beach and Lake Worth. [emphasis added]

West Palm Beach does not
have a beach!

If the marathon yesterday “wasn’t about the elite runners” as Tony Doris reported, then what was all the buzz about?

The 2018 marathon weekend was about
this race not having a beach!

Lake Worth has a BEACH!

The spectacular Lake Worth Beach was not included in the 2018 Palm Beaches Marathon. There was not one single beach in this year’s race. Not one! Without a beach shouldn’t the race be called the “Palm Marathon”?

Can you imagine a marathon runner hailing from Germany, Brazil or Russia and wondering, “Where the hell is the beach?”

West Palm Beach does not have a beach. The City of Lake Worth does have a spectacular beach.

Next year the 2019 Fitteam Palm “Beaches” Marathon must include the Lake Worth Beach and Casino Complex:

On the shores of the Atlantic Ocean . . . It has quickly become the new travel destination in South Florida. The new casino building remains true to the original 1920's architecture; and while there is no gambling at the new building, the name “Casino” remains as a reminder of the history and importance of the building to the citizens of Lake Worth.

To learn more about this topic please read a blog post from yesterday about the “Palm Beaches Marathon which includes no beaches in Palm Beach County.”