Thursday, November 8, 2018

The editor(s) at Palm Beach Post did not endorse Scott Ryan Kerner for Palm Beach County Circuit Judge.

But Scott Kerner won anyway.

UPDATE: Please note The Palm Beach Post endorsement for Amendment 1 was “No”, not “Yes” as originally posted on this blog. That has been changed later in this blog post. Amendment 1 failed to reach 60% of the electorate to pass. In Palm Beach County Amendment 1 received 57% of the vote and 58% statewide.

And the editor(s) at the Post endorsed Jim Bonfiglio in the District 89 race for Florida State Representative. Bonfiglio is currently trailing Mike Caruso, is still too close to call and may be heading to a recount according to reporter Lulu Ramadan.

Back to the blog post from yesterday.

So Scott Kerner won despite not getting the Post endorsement.

And the Post endorsed Allegra Fung for Palm Beach County Court too. Fung lost to Ashley Zuckerman.

Congratulations to both winners in the General Election for demonstrating once again the power of the Post endorsement and kudos to Alcolya St. Juste and Allegra Fung for throwing your hats into the ring and running for election. It’s an arduous process and can sometimes be heartbreaking.

And on the topic of endorsements the editor(s) at the Post did not endorse passage of Florida Amendment 6, “Rights of crime victims” and the Post did not endorse Florida Amendment 7 either, “First responder/military benefits”.

But in both cases the voters statewide disagreed and voted, “Yes”. In PBC the result was 62% and 64% respectively, in favor of passage of those two amendments on the ballot.

Now back to Mr. Scott Ryan Kerner.

What follows is a message from another Mr. Kerner and that would be Scott Kerner’s brother, Palm Beach County Commissioner Dave Kerner. Commissioner Kerner has this to say today:

Yesterday, the voters of Palm Beach County elected my brother, Scott Kerner [emphasis added], to the Circuit Court bench. In doing so, they have entrusted him to serve as Judge on the most profound and impactful disputes, cases, and controversies within our community, including death penalty. As a practitioner of the law myself, I can assume that the privilege of serving as a Judge is both burdensome and humbling at the same time.

What I am completely sure of, however, is that Scott Kerner will serve with the utmost care, diligence, and humility, and that the people of Palm Beach County will be well served by him. The Kerner family is immensely grateful that the voters have chosen him to enter this important public service, and we wish to thank all of his friends, family, and supporters that made this dream come true.

Congratulations to all the candidates, whether victorious or not. It takes sincere passion and courage to put your name on the ballot, and we are thankful for the opportunity to cast our vote. All rise!

FYI. Whilst on the topic of endorsements
by the Post editorial board. . .

For Florida Attorney General the Post endorsed Sean Shaw who lost to Ashley Moody in the General Election yesterday. And. . .

  • Florida Chief Financial Officer: The Post endorsed Jeremy Ring who lost to Jimmy Patronis.
  • Florida Agriculture Commissioner: The Post endorsed Nicole ‘Nikki’ Fried who lost to Matt Caldwell.
  • U.S. House of Representatives, District 18: The Post endorsed Lauren Baer who lost to incumbent U.S. Congressman Brian Mast.
  • Florida Amendment 1 (Homestead exemption): The Post endorsement was “No”. The voters statewide said, “No” too.
  • Florida Amendment 5 (Supermajority on tax raises): The Post endorsement was “No”. The voters statewide said, “Yes”.
  • Florida Amendment 6 (Rights of crime victims): The Post endorsement was “No”. The voters statewide said, “Yes”.
  • Florida Amendment 7 (First responder/military benefits): The Post endorsement was “No”. The voters statewide said, “Yes”.
  • Florida Amendment 10 (State/local government structure): The Post endorsement was “No”. The voters statewide said, “Yes”.

So what does this all mean? No one knows for certain yet. It will take a few weeks to sort everything out.

But in the meantime the editor(s) at the Post can take their minds off politics for a bit and maybe focus on other things of concern to the public.

Take for example the terrible and unacceptable homicide rate in West Palm Beach, the “Rights of crime victims”, and more help for “First responders” to help and provide care for all the victims of senseless violence happening in West Palm Beach.