Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Now that “Silly Season” is over let’s once again re-examine the myths and fallacies of ‘sanctuary’ and ‘sanctuary city’.

What exactly is the ‘Silly Season’? And why is the ‘sanctuary city’ a red herring? Please continue reading to find out.

Briefly, let’s set the stage.

For those of you familiar and well-schooled on the topic of ‘sanctuary’ Thank You for visiting today and please scroll down or look in the right-hand column to find about some really interesting stuff going on.

For everyone else — especially for new and recently news residents of the Town of Jupiter and the City of Lake Worth — continue reading to learn more about a topic that once raged in these two municipalities in Palm Beach County.

Briefly, what happened is this: Two centers opened to help undocumented immigrants from Central America, primarily Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. One center in 2005 that later came to be called the El Sol Neighborhood Resource Center in Jupiter and then in 2007 the Guatemalan-Maya Center (GMC) opened in Lake Worth. Then the problems began. It wasn’t the migrants causing the problems. It was the people trying to take advantage of those people.

The El Sol Center in Jupiter went one direction. And the GMC went another.

To learn more about that, after you finish reading this blog post, scroll back up and click on this link.

But no matter which approach these two centers chose, their approach to helping the undocumented and immigrants, the battle raged about whether or not Jupiter and Lake Worth were ‘sanctuary cities’. Neither municipality was. But there were troublemakers doing everything they could to confuse the public. And word was spread to Central America that immigrants could find ‘sanctuary’ in Palm Beach County.

And when those immigrants arrived they learned the truth.

Without further ado, looking forward. . .

‘Silly Season’ is, of course, the recently held 2018 November General Elections.

And to make certain our local municipal elections next year in Palm Beach County don’t become nonsensical and a “propaganda box” again, this is very important to remember:

When you hear any politician in any city, town or village in this County bring up the topic of “banning” the mythical ‘sanctuary city’ or ‘sanctuary’ the very first thing you do is laugh at them. And the second thing is say, “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!”

Never in the history of Florida has such a thing as a ‘sanctuary city’ ever existed. It’s a lie. A complete myth and nothing more.

And also on the topic of ‘sanctuary cities’ that red herring should always be used lowercase in print and in public speaking the speaker should always raise both hands in the air, above the shoulders, pause momentarily and wiggle the index and middle fingers of each hand prior to saying the words ‘sanctuary city’ or ‘sanctuary’.

Why? Because finger quotes, also called air quotes, denote a lie or a myth is being presented and not to be taken seriously.

There is a big difference between a ‘sanctuary city’ and a “Welcoming City” like the city of West Palm Beach is. The City of Lake Worth is also a Welcoming City. To learn more about this topic click on this link. For example, take this sentence:

“The City of Lake Worth is a Welcoming City but our City is not and never was [raise hands and wiggle fingers] a ‘sanctuary city’.”

It’s very sad to hear local politicians stooping so low as to bring up that false narrative and cheap political stunt about ‘sanctuary’. What’s needed are local and County elected officials — and those seeing elected office in the future, e.g., in the March 2019 municipal elections — to keep to the high road. Keep your fingers crossed.

There were twenty-two (22) cities, towns, and villages in PBC that had municipal elections in March 2018 and in none of those political races was the red herring fallacy ‘sanctuary city’ used as a political tactic which is excellent news. This was a huge leap forward in Palm Beach County politics.

But the same can’t be said for those in this County in the recent 2018 November General Election from other parts of Florida cherry-picking for votes. Very sad. They need to keep their dysfunctional and silly politics north of the I-4 Corridor.

This particular red herring, the ‘sanctuary city’ can cross the political spectrum from left to right and is only used to try and gain an advantage politically. The good news is, in the last 5–6 years, it has failed miserably for the most part and those throwing around that nonsense should take note. Let’s all hope this stupidity stops real quick and continue through future elections in PBC. Bury this claptrap for good. Once and for all.

Jupiter did not have municipal elections in March 2018 but the City of Lake Worth did. Kudos to all the candidates and each campaign in Lake Worth for not introducing that most-false of all political lies about ‘sanctuary’.

There is no legitimate reason to use that red herring UNLESS the intention is to try and divide and confuse the public for political reasons. For those of you unfamiliar with this political topic that once raged in Palm Beach County, please continue reading about. . .

The term ‘sanctuary city’ is one “that was created to divide people and to demonize diverse areas.”

Find out below for the source of the quote above.

This particular red herring. . .

“According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a red herring may be intentional, or unintentional; it does not necessarily mean a conscious intent to mislead.

What happens is the unsuspecting public hears the term ‘sanctuary city’ in the press, media, or from a politician or candidate and then several things will quickly happen. There will be outrage from some quarters. There will be calls for ‘sanctuary’ from others. But for most of the public, they will be in a state of utter confusion about the entire thing.

And that folks is exactly what this red herring
was designed to do: confuse, anger, and
frighten the public.

But all the while there were those in positions of responsibility that could have educated the public, e.g., the editors at The Palm Beach Post, who could have helped settle all this nonsense many years ago by just informing the public and elected officials as well that creating a ‘sanctuary’ would be politically and legally impossible in Palm Beach County.

Why? Simply because there has never been any policy created or even a definition of what a ‘sanctuary city’ is.

Any attempt to create a ‘sanctuary city’ would end up in the courts for a decade or even longer and even after that the Palm Beach County Commission would not allow it. And neither would PBSO. Because, in the end, it would be left up to PBSO to clean up the entire political ‘sanctuary’ mess.

But in December 2017, in what may have been content good enough for the ‘B’ section made the front page of the ‘A’ section in The Palm Beach Post with this headline: “Boynton Beach won’t be sanctuary city following unruly meeting” with a blaring black and white graphic:


Then came a few more articles about an imaginary ‘sanctuary city’ and later an editorial about the “sanctuary city” once again. Why was so much attention given to all this nonsense? Aren’t there other more pressing immigration issues to deal with than bring up the red herring ‘sanctuary’?

And ask yourself this question: Would a city such as Boynton Beach, with its own police department, be able to manage and control a ‘sanctuary’? Of course not. It would be a huge drain on resources and they would have to ask the County and PBSO for help. There would be no other option. 

But what gets lost in all this nonsense is this: There has never been, ever in the history of Palm Beach County, a so-called ‘sanctuary city’ despite what you may have been led to believe. So. . .

Just to be very clear: The City of Lake Worth
and Town of Jupiter are not, and never
, a ‘sanctuary city’.

The City of Lake Worth and the Town of Jupiter both welcome our immigrant neighbors and are doing everything they can to protect the immigrant population. But first, starting within the immigrant community, reporting of criminal activity needs to be a priority. Staying silent will only make the gang and crime problems worse. This is very important as well:

“Because a city or town has a center to help immigrants, DOTH NOT a ‘sanctuary’ make.”

Remember: The term ‘sanctuary city’ is one
“that was created to divide people and to
demonize diverse areas.”

Below is a quote by a reporter at SaintPetersBlog on that term, ‘sanctuary’, used to “demonize diverse areas”:

Regarding the issue of sanctuary cities and/or counties, Castor [U.S. Representative Kathy Castor (D), 14th District of Florida] told the crowd they should stop using that phrase, as it was intentionally divisive. . . . “There’s a lot of confusion and emotion around the term,” Castor said. “I think it’s a trap. I think it was a term that was created to divide people and to demonize diverse areas.”

For more about this topic click on this link:

     Lake Worth City Manager Michael Bornstein was mystified to learn this month [July 2015] that his city has been labeled a sanctuary city.
     “It caught us all by surprise,” he said. “I asked if there was any ordinance or proclamation in the past, and there was nothing. I think we just got roped up with a bunch of other cities.”

Hope you better understand now this
red herring fallacy.

And please share this information with your friends and neighbors and especially others you know who live in communities with diverse populations here in Palm Beach County.

Just because that red herring seems to have disappeared this year, that doesn’t mean it won’t rear its head once again in a future election.

Remain vigilant!