Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hear Ye. Hear Ye. Public meeting this afternoon at Lake Worth City Hall.

Today at 4:30 will be a “Joint Work Session” with the Lake Worth City Commission and the PBC School Board for a discussion on various educational issues. This meeting is open to the public and backup material will be provided at the meeting.

And whilst on the topic of elementary public schools in the City of Lake Worth:

Barton Elementary School was an issue addressed by the Palm Beach County Transportation Planning Agency (TPA) on October 18th at the meeting of the Governing Board.

 School Hazardous Walking Conditions:

Click on image to enlarge:

To learn more about the TPA and “Connecting Communities” click on this link. For more about traffic and walking conditions in the area of Barton Elementary School contact transportation planner Alyssa Frank at 561-478-5744 or by email:

Please Note: All the information below was provided at the TPA Governing Board meeting held this month at the South County Civic Center located in suburban Delray Beach.

About House Bill 41, “Gabby’s Law
for Student Safety”:

  • Updated to include metropolitan planning agencies in the School Hazardous Walking Conditions analysis process.
  • TPA has completed analysis of all 107 Palm Beach County public elementary schools.

Florida Statute 1006.23 — Hazardous
Walking Conditions:

  • Within two miles of school and attendance boundary.
  • An area at least 4′ wide having a surface upon which students may walk.
  • Crossings where the traffic volume on road exceeds the rate of 360 vehicles per hour per day.
  • Crossings where the total traffic volume on road exceeds 4,000 vehicles per hour through an intersection.

Next Steps

  • Meet with PBC School District to review profiles and confirm findings and determine next steps.
  • Work with schools and local partners to plan, prioritize and fund projects to fix hazardous walking conditions.

FYI: The next meeting of the TPA Governing Board will be held on December 13th at the Jupiter Community Center. The meeting agenda will be posted one week prior to the meeting.

“All members of the public are encouraged to attend the meeting and will be provided opportunities to speak.”

The “General Comments” section of the TPA Governing Board agenda is for members of the public to speak on issues that are not specifically listed on the meeting agenda but are directly related to transportation planning and funding within the jurisdiction of the Palm Beach TPA.

It would be a very good idea to have a presence at the TPA meeting in December from the City of Lake Worth. Parents, residents, stakeholders and the electeds to make it known that walking conditions for students attending Barton Elementary is a high priority.